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πίτσα μαργαρίτα αργυρώ Γαλλία: Όσοι κάνουν «καμάκι» στους δρόμους θα πληρώνουν πρόστιμο €750

Weitere Informationen zu Cookies erhalten Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. But also malicious software can hide in onlineshops and websites, which are visited by customers and prospective customers. How well your customers are protected when you contact them, the result of a penetration test will show. Penetration testing is essential to protect your own values and those of your employees, as well as those of your customers. Customer trust and good business are the basis for successful work today. The competitive advantage is obvious.

Regular penetration tests are an important tool for IT security in large and small enterprises with regard to the generally growing security need. In my last article I mentioned why one might choose Joomla for building a web site. In this description you will see, how you can manually install a fresh new Joomla CMS on your web server. First download the latest Joomla installation zip package. Go to joomla. Unzip the installation files. The are currently files in this release which cover 52 Megabyte.

Of course, this will vary depending on the version. Please check what is the name of the right directory. Different hoster may use different names. Select all the files and upload them. With Filezilla you might use the right mouse button and choose upload. Please refer to your hoster how this can be done. Possibly you can do that in your cpanel or Plesk tool. You need a new database and a user which has all the privileges. For security reason please choose a secure password. Now these prerequisites are done, you can open your browser and start the installation.

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Go to your domain and enter:. Site Name: Here you can define how your site should be named. A lot of templates use that as a heading.

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This can be changed afterwards. Add a brief description. Depending on your template this may appear at different places. This is a alternative meta description. Best is to use 20 to 25 words.

Θερμες κηλιδες wikipedia

This can also be changed afterwards. Admin E-Mail: This email will be used in cases of system messages and password recovery. Should be valid, of course.

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Admin Username: This is the user name of the admin account. Default is admin, which should be changed. As you recognized my admin name is not easily guessable: This helps preventing script kiddies from brute force the admin account. If you are done, you can choose NEXT. In the next tab you have to configure the database. You can enter the necessary information of your MySQL database. Host Name: Name of user who has the permissions. This is the one you have chosen earlier, when setting up the MySQL database.

Table Prefix: There is a prefix, so you could install more Joomla sites in one database. You can leave this value. After that, there is the possibility of backing up any existing data from an old Joomla installation. If there is one please do by clicking Backup, otherwise choose Remove. On the last page you can choose if you want some sample files which should be copied to your installation. For a beginner, this is very neat.

You can plunge around in the files and see how things can be done. Further more the is a summary about what you have chosen for the installation. Have a look at these and correct if some is wrong. After that you will be shown a summary of the configuration. If all seems well you will get a green Yes at every line. There is one last thing to do. Please remove the installation folder. This is required for security. If you do not, anyone could reinstall Joomla and destroy your site.

This is prevented by Joomla itself. Now you can start publishing. You can now choose between viewing the installation on http: Skip to content.

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  • Update your CMS with security patches Updating every software with the latest security patches is one of the main concerns of computer security. If Joomla notice you that an update is available, install it.

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    If you log in at the administrator page you will see on the left side this message: If you click on the entry, you will get a new page with a detailed description. Protect your administrative page Usually Bots hacked computer combined in a network are trying to brute force Joomla logins. Delete extensions not needed Unneeded extensions sprawling around may be a gateway for hackers. Test your Joomla installation for security There is a Scanner to test your Joomla installation for security: In the next blog I will show how to use joomscan.

    But what are penetration testing and what is it really for? The advantages at a glance Tailor-made tests Since penetration tests can always be adapted very precisely to the given conditions, they always bring different procedures with them individually.

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    Protection against system failure Even a single targeted internal or external attack can lead to a complete system failure. Protection against external attacks Security vulnerabilities in applications, systems, or networks can cause external attackers to breach them. Protection from Insider threats Often the danger is overlooked from the inside and completely underestimated. Security requirement is established The attack methods of the hackers are constantly adapting.

    Your IT security is always up-to-date Once the security requirement is determined by the results of the penetration test, the IT security can regularly be updated and thus the defense mechanisms are always up-to-date. Cost savings Every entrepreneur can begin to guess what a complete system failure or data loss will cost him due to a successful attack.

    Thoroughly tested IT IT systems, applications and software are installed in many companies once, rarely checked and updated only from time to time and as a rule never subjected to a thorough security check. Protection of customers Entrepreneurs have a responsibility towards their customers. Protection of the company Penetration testing is essential to protect your own values and those of your employees, as well as those of your customers.